Level 1

Alaska Science
Key Element D3

A student who meets the content standard should recommend solutions to everyday problems by applying scientific knowledge and skills.


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Performance Standard Level 1, Ages 5–7

Students propose and discuss solutions to simple problems.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students discuss possible solutions to reduce the mud brought into the classroom during the spring.

  • Students propose ways to prevent a snowball brought in from the playground from melting.

Standards Cross-Reference red rule

Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

People have always had questions about their world. Science is one way of answering questions and explaining the natural world. (Page 138)

Identify a simple problem. In problem identification, children should develop the ability to explain a problem in their own words and identify a specific task and solution related to the problem. (Page 137)

Propose a solution. Students should make proposals to build something or get something to work better; they should be able to describe and communicate their ideas. Students should recognize that designing a solution might have constraints, such as cost, materials, time, space, or safety. (Page 137)



People, alone or in groups, are always inventing new ways to solve problems and get work done. The tools and ways of doing things that people have invented affect all aspects of life. (Page 54)

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