Level 1

Alaska Science
Key Element C7

A student who meets the content standard should understand that major scientific breakthroughs may link large amounts of knowledge, build upon the contributions of many scientists, and cross different lines of study.


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Performance Standard Level 1, Ages 5–7

Students examine inventions and describe the human efforts required to produce it.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students examine a traditional Tlingit halibut hook and modern circular hook; discuss which hook is easier to use to catch plastic fish; discuss how each hook is made.

  • Students pick a tool or machine from How Things Work by David McCauley; report its use to the class.

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Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

Scientific investigations involve asking and answering a question and comparing the answer with what scientists already know about the world. (Page 123)

People have always had questions about their world. Science is one way of answering questions and explaining the natural world. (Page 138)



Everybody can do science and invent things and ideas. (Page 15)

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