Level 1

Alaska Science
Key Element C5

A student who meets the content standard should understand that sharing scientific discoveries is important to influencing individuals and society and in advancing scientific knowledge.


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Performance Standard Level 1, Ages 5–7

Students work together to explore and share scientific discoveries about their environment.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students work together in teams to explore the playground environment; look for conditions that support a suitable habitat for living things; collectively share results with the class.

  • Students teams report on weather observations; as a class make predictions using the class data.

Standards Cross-Reference red rule

Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

Communicate investigations and explanations. Students should begin developing the abilities to communicate, critique, and analyze their work and the work of other students. This communication might be spoken or drawn as well as written. (Page 122)

Scientists make the results of their investigations public; they describe the investigations in ways that enable others to repeat the investigations. (Page 123)

Scientists review and ask questions about the results of other scientists’ work. (Page 123)



In doing science, it is often helpful to work with a team and to share findings with others. All team members should reach their own individual conclusions, however, about what the findings mean. (Page 15)

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