Level 1

Alaska Science
Key Element B3

A student who meets the content standard should understand that scientific inquiry often involves different ways of thinking, curiosity, and the exploration of multiple paths.


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Performance Standard Level 1, Ages 5–7

Students ask questions about the natural world.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students develop “I wonder” statements about snow.

  • Students generate a list of questions about their local environment to ask a guest scientist or local Elder.

Standards Cross-Reference red rule

Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

Ask a question about objects, organisms, and events in the environment. This aspect of the standard emphasizes students asking questions that they can answer with scientific knowledge, combined with their own observations. Students should answer their questions by seeking information from reliable sources of scientific information and from their own observations and investigations. (Page 122)

Communicate investigations and explanations. Students should begin developing the abilities to communicate, critique, and analyze their work and the work of other students. This communication might be spoken or drawn as well as written. (Page 122)



When people give different descriptions of the same thing, it is usually a good idea to make some fresh observations instead of just arguing about who is right. (Page 10)

Raise questions about the world around them and be willing to seek answers to some of them by making careful observations and trying things out. (Page 285)

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