Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum



Authors: Elder – Catherine Attla
Amy VanHatten, Susan Rogers, Zelma Joseph Axford, Sarah McDaniel, Sarah McClellan, and Alan Dick


Grade Level:





winter for 2 weeks or potentially more

Cultural Standards

A4—Practice their traditional responsibilities to the surrounding environment

D1—Acquire in-depth cultural knowledge through active participation and meaningful interaction with Elders

Skills and Knowledge

  • know which types of snowshoes are appropriate for which conditions
  • demonstrate traditional weaving techniques and integrate with tessellation
  • show how to properly take care of snowshoes
  • develop respect for Elders and others who have traditional knowledge and skills


Science Standards

D1—apply scientific knowledge and skills to understand issues and everyday events

Skills and Knowledge

  • apply understanding of the concept of weight distribution over a specific area to the construction of snowshoes and
  • identify different types of snowshoes and describe the importance of the various shapes in forested or open areas


Math Standards

A2—select and use appropriate systems, units, and tools of measurement, including estimation

A4—Represent, analyze, and use mathematical patterns, relations and functions using methods such as tables, equations, and graph

Skills and Knowledge

  • compare and contrast western means of measuring (rulers) with native use of anatomical measures
  • conduct a survey of how many snowshoe types, sizes, who owns them, etc. in their community and graphically display their results


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