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6-8 Grade Unit
Lesson nine

Materials: computers, discs, pencils, journals, any handouts, and the salmon display.

Objectives: the students will each write a one page paper on their reflections and experience with the Dog Salmon Unit. The students will relate this experience to their own lives. The students will practice the Athabascan terms for the salmon parts.

Alaska Standards: Science A15, B2, D1, and D2. Language Arts B3, C1, and C3. Technology A1,A2,B1,D1,E3, and E6.

Cultural Standards: C1, C3, C5, C6, and C7.

Procedures: the students will assemble in a circle to discuss the Dog Salmon Unit, they will reflect on their experiences with the unit and discuss how the unit relates to their lives. The students can use their journals and the salmon display to recall the events of the unit. The students will type up a one page paper on their reflections and how this unit is useful to them today. The students will also include the three digital photos taken during the field trip to the "smoke houses".

Evaluation: each student will turn in a one page typed paper. The teacher will evaluate the journals every two to three days for correct procedures.


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