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Submitted to the
Alaska Natives Commission
in connection with a hearing at

Nome, Alaska
September 21, 1992

4000 Old Seward Highway, Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


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SEPTEMBER 21, 1992

Introduction Letter

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4000 Old Seward Highway. Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: (907) 271-4410
Fax: (907) 271-4470


TO: Commission Members/Task Force Public Members
FROM: Mike Irwin, Executive
DATE: November 24, 1992
RE: Enclosed Nome Hearing Transcript and Addendums

Enclosed please find the full verbatim transcripts and deposition exhibits from the Nome regional hearing. Since the Commission meeting in late September, we have been attempting to figure out the best way of meeting the expressed desires of some Commission members to have more and complete documentation of information flowing from the Commission's various forums without inundating those whose informational needs are not as great. Though I still feel that providing full transcripts of all hearings to each Commission member may be less than totally useful with respect to the time and handling involved, there seemed to be enough interest in the full transcripts to warrant supplying full sets to all members.

In order to help make the transcipts most useful from an informational aspect, we have come up with an indexing system that we hope will prove applicable to all of the formal records of the Commission. At the back of the transcripts and addendums you will find two seperate indexes. The first is an alphabetical index which includes names of individuals and organizations in addition to general listings. The second is a subject matter index and reflects our best attempt to come up with a general, "boiler-plate" index that can be applied to other hearing records, meeting minutes, and the "open public record" which consists mainly of input that we receive by mail.

Our plan is to send one hearing transcipt per week (so as not to swamp you with the entire up-to-date record all at once) until all hearing records to date have been sent. Then, as each future hearing transcript becomes available we will, as a matter of course, send indexed transcripts for your files. One technical note: the various "deposition exhibits" (i.e. prepared written testimony) has to be manually entered into our data base by staff, so in the future there will still be a little bit of lag time between when we get verbatim transcipts from the court recorders and when the entire indexed data base for that particular hearing is ready for distribution.

Happy reading!


This document was ocr scanned. We have made every attempt to keep the online document the same as the original, including the recorder's original misspellings or typos.


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