The purpose of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Multi-Media Materials is to help students toward these cognitive and affective understandings:

The illustrations in this teaching manual are reproductions of those in the student mini- texts for which the guide is prepared. They were drawn by Alaskan teacher and artist Eileen Gustin. Exceptions are the sketches of Native leaders, made by an Anchorage high school student, Carla Hill, and some of the maps. Game cards are by Erin Wyatt.

The mini-texts are designed to present an overview of major Alaska Native groups and of the Native Claims Settlement Act. The texts themselves are books of facts presented in what it is hoped will be usable portions. However, it is also hoped that much use will be made of appropriate teaching ideas in the manual and the rest of the kit. Taking into account that most people assimilate little knowledge where reading is the only vehicle of conveyance, the manual provides ideas for involvement activities, games, and simulations. Where drill seems to be essential, as with the vocabulary, a variety of possible ways are offered for making the drill exercises lively.


Cone of Experience



 10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they hearand see

 70% of what they say or write

90% of what they do






Attempts have also been made to utilize a variety of skills rather than merely reading and discussion. Some of these skills are:

There are more teaching ideas in the manual and the kit than a teacher will likely use with any one class. It is hoped that teachers will survey what is available at the beginning of each unit and select those activities and materials which are best suited to the needs of their particular students at the time. The manual is not a recipe book to be followed item by item as given. It is rather a compilation of ideas, and ideally will spark the imagination of teachers and students to experiment, to modify, to combine, and to create learning situations far beyond the covers of a book.

-Lucille Frey