The people of the Alaskan bush are constantly doing math computing gas consumption while traveling by boat or snowmachine. ìIf it takes me this much gas to go here, how much gas will it take to go there?"

All travelers do this math all year long.

Many years ago, people figured travel in "sleeps" or ìdays." Now we more often figure in hours, gallons of gas, or miles. (Time, volume, distance.)

Fred uses 6 gallons of gas to go to the halfway point on a boat trip. How much gas will he use to make the whole trip?

Trip Math

On another trip he uses 4 gallons to get to the 1/3 point. How much gas will it take to go the whole way?

Trip Math

It takes Hope 12 gallons to travel 3 hours by boat. Her trip will take 9 hours. How much gas does she need to make it? ___________

With the family's light boat it takes her 8 gallons to the same place. How much gas will she burn this time? ____________

The next time, she has a big load. It takes 12 gallons of gas to get to the 1/3 point. She has 25 gallons of gas left. Will she make it? If so, how much gas will be left in the tank? ________________

George is on a river he never traveled before. His GPS says he has gone 40 air miles. It also says his destination was 130 miles from his starting point.

He has burned 8 gallons of gas.

He has about 15 gallons left. Will he make it to his destination or should he turn back? __________

Round off and assume that the river has as many bends on the last stretch of river as it did at the beginning.

Mark travels to the mountains by snowmachine to get steambath wood. The roundtrip took 6 gallons last time. But the trail has blown over. Hee knows he needs about 25% more gas when he has to break trail. How much gas should he take. Add 1 gallon to that number to be safe. His tank holds 5 gallons. How much gas should he bring in an extra container? ___________

His odometer reads 35 miles one way to the mountains. His GPS says that the distance is only 25 miles from where he gets drywood. What percentage of the trail miles is actual miles? _____________

In similar country, his GPS says a river where he wants to trap beaver is 40 miles away. Approximately how many trail miles should he expect to cover? _____________

His machine with a five gallon tank runs out of gas in 75 miles on a good trail. How many miles per gallon is he getting? ________________

He knows that it takes 25% more gas to break trail. How many miles per gallon is that? _________________

Trip Math

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