Alexie is going to build a 20'x24' log cabin, but he doesn't know how many logs to get.

He has to pay $10 for every stump to the local corporatin or DNR, so he doesn't want to get too many extra logs. If he doesn't get enough, he will have to make a second trip up the river to the logging site.

Log Cabin Log Count

When he asked the elders how many logs to get, they told him it depends on the size of the logs and how high he wants his walls.

He knocked a few trees, and measured them. They averaged 10" on the butts, and 6" on the tips. His cabin was close to the mountains and good logs were hard to find.

He wants his walls to be at least 7'6" high. 7'6"= how many inches?

This log is about 10" on the butt
Log Cabin Log Count

This log is only 6" on the tip
Log Cabin Log Count


How many logs does he need to get? For now, assume that the logs are perfectly straight, and nothing will be taken from the surfaces to make them fit together tightly. In reality, he will have to fit the logs together, trimming humps, bends and other unevenness.

To do this, first figure the average height of one log. Then figure how many logs in a wall over 7'6".

Then multiply by four to get the total for all four walls of the house.


What will his overall stumpage fee to the local corporation be? Multiply the total number of logs by $10.

For now, we are not figuring the logs needed for the gable ends.

Log Cabin Log Count


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