People who live in the bush are always figuring freight costs. All our supplies must come by plane or barge. Unwise choices can cost us considerably.


Snowmachine. One snowmachine dealer offers a snowmachine for $5,500. Another one offers the same machine for $5,700, but he pays the freight.

Which is the better deal if the machine weighs 600 lbs and freight is $.72/lb? ____________


Boat. Freight to the bush is cubed for all items over 16'. Frank wants an 18' aluminum boat that weighs 270 lbs.

The standard freight rate is $.56/lb. the cubed rate is 150% of the standard rate.

What is the total freight cost on his 18' boat? _______________

Groceries. Parcel post to Frank's village averages $.16/lb. He gets 380 lbs of groceries to ship home. How much will it cost him to mail them? _____________

He can take 70 lbs as baggage on the plane home. How much will that save him? ____________.


Gasoline. There are two ways to bring gas into the village:

Barge and flying it in.

Barge gas is $2.70 a gallon. Gas flown in is $3.25 a gallon. How much cheaper per gallon is barge gas? ____________

Frank wants to build a new tank so he can get all his gas from the barge.

The tank is $700 landed in his village. How much gas will he have to purchase at $2.70 to pay for the tank? ___________

If he uses 12 drums a year, how many years will that take? (Say a drum = 50 gallons)____________


HASMAT. Frank wants to ship a battery home. The freighting outfit wants $.55/lb plus $15 for a crate, plus $25 HASMAT fee. How much will it cost him to ship his battery? ___________

A local air taxi said he would haul it for $.70/lb. with no crate and no HASMAT fee. How much would this be? _______

If the battery weighs 45 lbs, which way is cheaper? _________


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