Many village people pay their electric bill not knowing which household items use the most electricity. The following problems will help clarify where the money goes.

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A coffee pot uses 1600 watts per hour.

The cost of electricity in the village is $.55 a KWH (kilowatt hour, which is 1000 watts for one hour.)

How much does it cost to run the coffeepot for each hour? ______________

State energy assistance reduces the cost per KWH by 45%. How much does it cost the owner to run the coffeepot per hour? _______________

Electric Bill


A 75 watt bulb costs how much to run for a 6 hour evening with village electricity at $.45/kwh.

How much is a 60 watt bulb for the same location and time? _________________

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A circular saw draws 10 amps at 120 volts. Amps x volts =Watts

At $.55/KWH, how much does it cost to run a circular saw for 30 minutes? ________________

A worm drive saw uses 12 amps. How many kilowatts does it use in 30 minutes? ____________

10 amps
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12 amps
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A Monotor stove uses 90 watts when it operates. It is on for 40% of the winter day. Electricity is $.45/KWH.

What is the electrical cost of running a Monitor stove? _______________

If fuel is $3.00 a gallon, and the stove uses 3 gallons on a winter day, what is the total cost of operation? ___________________

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Wayne bought a welder. It draws 40 amps at 240 volts.

Remember, Volts x Amps = Watts.

It is a 20% duty cycle welder, that is, it can be run only 20% of the time.

It must be cooled for 80% of the time.

What does it cost him to operate the welder for an hour if village electric-ity is $.55/KWH? (20% on & 80% cooling)

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A microwave uses quite a bit of electricity, but for very short periods of time. Popcorn takes an average of 3 minutes to pop. With the microwave drawing 1600 watts, and village electricity costing $.50/kwh, how much does it cost to pop popcorn?

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A TV uses 60 watts. A VCR uses 20 watts.

How much does the electricity cost to run both of them for a 2 hour movie in a village where electricity is $.57/kwh?

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