Amy needs to get to town from the village, and there are no scheduled flights for several days.

A charter costs $450. Seat fare on the mailplane (sched-uled run) is $110.

How many people does she have to gather to share the charter with her in order to come close to the regular seat fare? Herself + ____________

She gathers five people. How much should each person pay for a seat if they divide the charter equally? Divide the cost of the charter by the number of people.________________

How much would each seat cost of she gathered six people?___________

She then learns that there are two people in Anchorage who want to come home on the flight that the original five will go to town on. How much will this flight now cost each person if they divide it seven ways?_____________

How much less per seat than the mailplane is this?


It is important for village people to realize how the law reads on organizing charters.

Charter Math By law, all empty space belongs to the air carrier. If Amy ar-ranges ahead of time for the passengers going both ways, then she is entitled to divide the fares as described above. If she doesn't tell the air carrier of his arrangement, the air carrier can charge her the full charter price, and additionally charge those coming from Anchorage. This double dipping goes on all the time by air taxis because village people don't know the math and don't know the law.

Make arrangements ahead of time and you control the finances. If you don't, the air carrier can legally charge people going both ways.

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