Long ago, berries were stored in birch and grass baskets. Then for years village people stored them in wooden barrels, packing some of them heavily in sugar to prevent fermentation. Once villages had constant electricity, folks quickly started freezing berries to keep them for the winter.

In the past, berries were transported and measured in buckets and gallons. Village people are now shifting to using Zip Loc bags. They store easily in the freezer, prevent smashing berries, and allow us to thaw smaller quantities for daily use.

Helen and her daughter picked 5 gallons of berries, which filled 28 zip-loc bags.*

Past experience said she needs 12 gallons of berries to get through the winter.

How many zip-loc bags does she need?


*Zip loc bags are advertised to hold a gallon, or half gallon, but village people seldom fill a bag that full to prevent crushing the berries.


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