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Alaska Native Science/Math Education

The resources included in this site focus on ways in which the teaching of science and math can be made meaningful to Alaska Native students. Anyone wishing to contribute to this site is encouraged to contact the coordinator of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network at (907) 474-1902, or send an email message to


Observing Snow
Excerpt: "The Observing Snow curriculum could not be possible without the help and contributions of many people. The communities of Minto, McGrath, Galena, and Cantwell helped make this project a success.This program was sponsored by the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative (ARSI). The guidance of Ray [Barnhardt], and the technical assistance of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network were key in bringing the project to completion."

Teachers' Domain: Alaska Native Perspectives on Earth and Climate
"As the environmental, economic, and political consequences of climate change are felt in Alaska, the Arctic, and throughout the world, we have much to learn from both the traditional knowledge of Native peoples and ongoing scientific research. These two methods of observing nature and solving the challenges of survival can provide complementary perspectives on these issues. This collection looks at Alaska’s unique geology and the impact of development and climate change using both of these tools, and features Alaska Native scientists who are working toward solutions."

AKRSI Final Report: Phase II
Excerpt: "The following is the Final Report on the rural school reform initiatives implemented during Phase II of the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative (2000 – 2005). The focus of the AKRSI-Phase II builds on the successes of the initiatives that were implemented in Phase I, with the locus of activity in the same 20 rural school districts that have served as partners in the original initiatives since 1995. The primary differences during Phase II have been in the concentration of effort and increased emphasis on sustainability of the initiatives that have been implemented."

Handbook for Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum
A very useful handbook written by Sidney Stephens.

Village Science
Written by Alan Dick. This resource is also available as an interactive CD or download.

Village Math
Written by Alan Dick.

These videos contain elements of Alaska Native knowledge. They are available online, VHS or DVD format.

Alaska Science Camps, Fairs & Experiments
Written by Alan Dick. This resource is also available as an interactive CD.

Translating Standards to Practice: A Teacher's Guide to Use and Assessment of the Alaska Science Standards
This resource is also available in an interactive CD.

Culturally Responsive Units
These units include great examples which can be applied to any locale.

Math in a Cultural Context: Lessons Learned from Yup'ik Eskimo Elders Project
"Math in a Cultural Context (MCC) is a supplemental elementary school math series. The math modules that compose MCC are the result of a rather extraordinary collaboration of educators, Yup’ik elders and teachers, mathematicians and math educators, and Alaskan school districts."

Alaska Science Forum
This web page is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community.


Learning Indigenous Science From Place
"Building upon the evolving provincial curriculum, and past federal, provincial and Aboriginal research supporting the need for greater cultural content within school systems, this research project seeks to bring perspectives and worldview foundations for processing Indigenous science knowledge in Saskatchewan. This research will provide theoretical and practical solutions for educators in integrating Indigenous science knowledge within curriculum. "

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Very interesting sites and links for teachers

National Academy of Science
A scholarly site





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