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This is the Akula boys basketball team
Thise is the Akula boys basketball team

Front from left to right Curtis Kassel, Jon Brink, Patrick Sergie, Peter Nicholas

Back row from left to right Coach John Lindquist, Nathaniel Beaver, Ross Nichoas, Dawson Hoover, Michael Nicholas




Most students in the village of Kasigluk love the game of basketball. High school girls and boys developed a fetish for basketball when they were young children. Most dream of playing in the NBA but the chances are pretty slim since the tallest students would be considered guards in the NBA when they are considered towers in the Y-K Delta. The no-look passes are rare and so are the slam dunks. Only a few people are able to "slamma-jamma" and that is very unlikely. Here in Kasigluk, it would be some sort of a miracle to see a person slam dunk in the villages because of the limited height that the basketball players have.

The high school girls have had a great season. They were pretty good but they will get better because in the school year '97-'98, they were composed of five freshman, two juniors, and one senior. The shortest player came at 4'11" and the tallest 5'8." In the league tournament, they lost to the opposing team and were unable to advance to the district tournament held in Bethel, AK.

The school year '97-'98 was just great for the boys. The shortest player came in at 5'2" and the tallest at 5'11." With two freshman, one sophomore, three juniors, and one senior, they were able to advance to the district tournament after taking third place in the league tournament. They Akula Tundra Fox boys were considered the "under-dogs" but they happened to upset the opposing team. After the upset, they also upset the next opposing team after coming back to win by two points from an eighteen point deficit. The championship game was right in their hands but they lost by twelve points to the number one-seeded team.

The teams have steadily been improving and have been showing signs of life. This is great news for the Akula Tundra Foxes.

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