We treat our elders with respect. The elders around here tell a lot of good stories about the old times, telling us what is good and what is bad about life. They tell us to behave and not to do things that they never did when they were young. If we happen to see an elder packing water or doing something, we shall not hesitate to give them a helping hand.

Kalila Slim- Kakgailnguq

Anisia Hoover- Ussungaq

Nellie Slim- Asgiilleq

Henry Charles- Ilegvak

Maggie Nicholas- Taqikaq

Wassillie Berlin- Uqsungiar

Anna Beaver- Mikngayaq

Wassillie Nicholas- Kaligtuq

Marie Charles- Apsuilnguq

George Keene Sr.- Ingallak

Alexie Nicholas- Nassarluk

Sophia Guest- Angall'aq

Mamie Brink- Cup'aq

Alice Berlin- Ciugun

Eddie Andrew- Qayarrluk

James Active- Ciugun

Mary McCall-Nuqarrluk

Teddy Brink- Inguqiralria

Irvin Brink Sr.- Cagluaq

Eliza Brink- Ayaginaar

Martha Keene- Qerrataralria

Mary Brink- Iqsakalleq

Elena A. Twitchell- Ayaprun

Ella Nichols- Nuraar

Sophie A. Nicholas- Pat'galria

Elia Tinker- Qaluksuk

Evon Nicholas- Cucuaq

John Nicholas- Cuurruyak

Cecil Active- Ellaar

Olga Active- Aluaryaq

Clifford Kassel- Kelivv'aq

Nick Martin- Cakayak

Martha Tinker- Tayaq'aq

Leona Brink- Mukul'uq

Wassillie Nicholas
Wassillie Nicholas

Alexie Active
Alexie Active

Alice Berlin
Alice Berlin

Elia Tinker
Elia Tinker

Irvin Brink Sr.
Irvin Brink Sr.

John Nicholas
John Nicholas

Teddy Brink
Teddy Brink

Wassillie Berlin
Wassillie Berlin

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