Cherie Isaac

Why Birds Fly South For The Winter

In the winter long ago, there was a family of Arctic Terns named Skyzer, Selene, and Slanky. They were on a small stretch of tundra out in the cool breeze in Alaska, getting ready to fly south for the winter.

Slanky asked his parents Skyzer and Selene if they could stay for the winter, but they both said no. Skyzer told Slanky if they stayed in one area all year, there will be no food or shelter, and might die of starvation. Then Slanky changed his mind, and decided to go with his parents.

Before they flew south, they ate a lot of food, which makes the them fat. The fat is used for energy and to make them fly a long distance.

While they were flying, three birds joined them, their names were Chaiser, Chaila, and Chong. Since there were six birds all together they flew in a big V-formation.

They couldn't find their way back home, to a warm place they had been before. They were lost and, didn't have a clue about where they were. They had forgotten which way to fly, so, they just kept going. Even though it was dark and creepy outside, they kept flying. Slanky and Chong being the younger birds were more afraid than the other birds. In the dark they had met a fox, they told each others names and found out the foxes name was Sid. He had a plan that he would eat one of the birds while he was talking. He asked them," How was your day?" And before the birds answered his question, Sid jumped up and caught Selene on her wing. She was crying out for help, so all the other birds ran to the Sid and bit him everywhere.Sid did't want Selene to be free, so Sid bit harder. Finally Sid let go, and then he realized he had no fur on him, just one piece of hair on his head. He got embarrassed, and ran home.

So, they went to Selene, and asked her if she was okay. She said she was, and didn't feel any pain. She was a strong healthy bird. She just had a cut on her right wing, but it wasn't that big, it was just Sid's tooth mark.

They flew south for 15 minutes and saw the place they wanted to be. They were so happy, and almost started crying.

They all said together," we will not go the wrong direction when we return home. We finally know where to go next time."

Birds have to know which way they are flying in order to get where they want to be without getting lost, and eaten. They fly south for shelter, food, and a place to breed. Then when they are going to fly again, they go back to where they were before they got to a warm place.

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