Curtis Kassel

Why Dogs and Humans are Best Friends



One day a man named George was pulling a sled across the frozen tundra. George was a hard working man and loved to hunt and fish for food. George was a big man and was in his twenties. His wife Beth was very young about eighteen and had long shiny black hair. She likes to make food for her and her husband. Spring was coming near and they had to move quickly. Spring is when all the hunting and fishing starts. In the spring George would hunt geese with his bow and arrow. For fish he would go out jigging for pike. They had to move faster and they needed some kind of animal to help them pull the sled and do other chores some animal can do. At first his trap caught a fox. George thought that the fox would help him. The fox wasn't big enough and strong enough to pull. It still was too wild and crazy. They even get sick and get rabies.

After a while, he saw a caribou and captured it. The caribou was useful for pulling heavy objects only. It was useful for a while, but when George went out hunting, the caribou couldn't get what George caught and bring it back to him. It was also defenseless for George, like when George encountered a wolf the caribou would run away and leave George to fight the wolf.

Finally, along came a dog. The dog was useful enough for the man. The dog was stong enough to pull a sled load of stuff. The dog could even hunt food for George and Beth. It was also protective for George, like when he encounters a wolf, the dog can either scare the wolf away or help him fight the wolf. Then George got more dogs. He got enough dogs so that they can pull a sled load of things. So, the dog can be helpful in a quite of ways.

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