Paula Brink

How the Cat's Tail is Held


Way back in the olden, golden days in the year one thirty-nine a fancy cat named Looie was the King of Katzen-stein.

King Looie was a proud cat, mighty proud of his tail. He had it washed every morning in a ten-gallon golden pail. "My tail is such a lovely tail," King Looie used to brag. "My tail must never touch the earth. My tail must never drag."

So Looie Katz made Fooie Katz follow him around. And Fooie kept the kingly thing from dragging on the ground. Well, all was fine in Katzen-stain. The King's tail wasn't dragging. But one day Fooie looked behind and saw that his was sagging! "My lovely tail!" he sighed with pride. "Oh, this will never do! If Looie has his tail held up, I'm going to have mine, too!"

So Fooie Katz made Kooie Katz follow him around, and Kooie Katz kept Fooie's tail from dragging on the ground.

Now all was fine in Katzen-stein... Till Kooie's pride was hurt, when he discovered his fine tail was dragging in the dirt!

So Kooie made a cat named Chooie follow him around, and Chooie Katz kept Kooie's tail from dragging on the ground.

And so it went on in Katzen-stein. Next, Chooie got Hooie, and Hooie got Blooie, and Blooie got Prooie... Till all the cats in Katzen-stein, were hiking round and round, all keeping one another's tails from dragging on the ground.

All proud! Except for one small cat, the last cat in line. The last, last cat of all the cats that lived in Katzen-stein. A most unhappy little cat named Zooie Katzen-bein.

His tail would never be held up. And poor old Zooie knew it, because holding up a cat's tail takes another cat to do it. Poor Zooie got so awfully mad so mad he could have spit. But he did a far, far braver thing. He simply yelled, "I Quit!" "I can not, shall not, will not lug this stupid thing around!" He slammed the tail of Prooie Katz! He slammed it on the ground.

Zooie realized that he could hold his own tail up. Then Prooie slammed Blooie's tail, and Blooie slammed Hooie's, and Hooie slammed Chooie's tail, and Chooie slammed Kooie's. All tails in Katzen-stein were slammed including proud King Looie's.

And since that day in Katzen-stein, all cats have been more grown-up. They're all more demo-catic because each cat holds his own up.

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