Marie Nicholas


Why Bilingual Education is important to me...


Bilingual is important to me cause we talk both languages. Iam going to talk abaut the importance both languages. Also I am going to talk abaut not using our language also using our language. Bilingual Edication is important to me

Bilingual is important to me cause our children's might be monolingual in future instead of being bilingual. I want to let my children be bilingual so they can understand what bilingual people are saying and what they are explaning. And they can know when there working. I would not be monolingual cause I wood not understand my teachers and the other people that talk bilingual. If I were a monolingual I would not read or write in English . My children should be the same as my life but there life will be different and my life will be really different then my children . And my children's children will be different cause in the past the elders said that they want to let our lives be easy instead of being in mud houses and if we were at the pasts are lives would be no longer easy cause there is no other tools to make anything.

I wish my children's children are bilingual and I hope my children's are bilingual like me and I hope when Im old and my children's children should translate me and let them let me understand. I hope my children's are bilingual and I hope my children's children's be bilingual.I hope my children are bilingual not monolingual if there monolingual the other bilingual people would always laghe at my childeren.


Bilingual is Important to me cause we have to let our childreren bebilingual and I hope our childeren will not be monolingual. If there monolingual I would teach them how to talk in english. If there only in english I would teach them how to talk in yupik only if I only remember how to talk in yupik. If I have an english hasband i would teach him how to talk in yupik



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By Marie K. Nicholas

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