Nathaniel Beaver



In an early winter where a place always cold, two boys were getting ready to go hunting. They had their gun and shells to bring. While they were getting ready an elder came by and saw that they were going hunting and not prepared.

The elder warned the two boys, "You guys should bring warmer clothing and food just in case you guys get lost or hungry."

"I don't think we will need to bring those stuff since it is a warm day, Ken answered."

"I think you should, cause there is going to be a big storm coming up later on," the elder replied.

Well then Ed and I will be coming home really soon.

After they had talked the two boys had left. While they went, they had caught a rabbit and couple of ptarmigans. Then they had started going home. While they were going home a big blizzard came in really fast and they couldn't see like about twenty feet ahead of them. They decided to stop in the trees since they couldn't see and it was getting really cold. Ed had cut off some bushes with his little ax that he had brought and made a little shed. They had made a fire and cooked the rabbit they cought.

The first night the snow had gotten 4 inches thick.

In the morning when they woke up the snow was about a foot. It was getting thick really fast. The snow was passing half way up their shed. The snow was getting thicker and thicker really fast. They were getting scared because they thought that they were going to die or something.

"Man, I think we are going to die because the storm ain't going to stop," Ken exclaimed.

We are going to survive the storm and do what every thing we can do to stay alive, Ed replied.

Later on, the two boys had walked for a little while looking for food. They had left there sno-machine because it had froze. When it was getting dark they headed back to their shed and haven't caught anything.

Each day the snow was getting thicker and thicker, the wind was really strong and cold. The two boys had gotten a frost bite on there face. There hands were really cold and almost couldn't feal anything. In the village there was lots of people who were going to look for them, they told there family that they were going to look for them for a night if they didn't find them. That night the storm had gotten worse, the people had stopped and camped in the trees where there was not much wind. They had no sign of the two boys.

The next morning they had slept because they were too tired. The people had started looking for them. They had gone about two miles and had saw a sno-machine. The two boys heard sno-machines and had quickly went out of their shed and saw the people. They had given the two boys thicker clothing and brought them home. When they got there, they saw the elder that Ken talked to. They had gone to there house and they were really sick. Then the elder went to go talk to the boys.

"Why didn't you listen to what I said couple days ago," and you guys would have made it, the elder had told them.

"Cause I thought we would get here soon and I didn't believe that there was going to be a storm," Ken replied.

Every time I'm going somewhere with my sno- machine I'm always prepared just in case there is a storm or I get hungry.

At the end the two boys had learned their lesson and started being prepared after the elder told them things about going hunting.


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