Ross Nicholas



Once opon a time there was a swan and that lived in Nanvarpak lake. The Nanvarpak Lake was big and it had different kind of birds and other animals too. The swan loved to swim and his name was George. George he had lot of friends where he lived. He had a short neck, a big fat body and long wings too. George went along to look for Sparky. He saw him and went to talk to him about flying together to take a fresh air, and they did.

George was getting tired when he was flying in the sky. Sparky wasn't tired and he wanted to keep on flying. George fell down to the ground and his neck hit the tree which had a y on it. Sparky got sad because he thought George died because he hit the tree. George went up and his neck got long and skinny. George flied up to get out of the tree and he tried to get out. His neck got longer and skinnier and Sparky thought that it was better, so he did the same thing like George did.

George and Sparky went to the lake and told everybody about what had happen to George. The swans have short necks and the other two had long necks. The other swans started to do that. They started to fall and get stuck to the trees and they let their necks get longer, they tried to get out and the trees and their necks got long and skinny. They all got long necks so they don't have to look under the water so short any more.

The swans liked how they had like long necks. They now look like a swan and when they had a short necks they look like snow geese and now they are swans. The swans kept looking for food way under the water. When they had a short necks they looked under the water and they couldn't reach way under the water where their food was.

If George didn't want to take a fresh air that wouldn't happen, but they have their long necks and the swans were happy about their necks. Thats why they have long necks.

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