Geraldine Tinker



A long time ago birds use to be friends with foxes. The place where they stayed was in a den that was as big as a mansion. The fox and birds use to be really good friends. It begins like this:

Far away the birds saw a poor fox who was lonely and he was so small. The birds went to go see the fox and asked him where he lived and the fox said that he lived in a really big den and his parents were dead from trying to save him from the hunters.

The birds named the fox Fido. They wanted to live with Fido so Fido said okay and he got really happy. The birds went to go get some of their friends and they followed the fox. The birds said " Oh what a big den you got" The birds were really surprised. The birds followed Fido in to his house. The birds saw a lot of stuff in the den and they saw Fido's parents picture. The house was a big den and there was a lot of room for the birds to stay and sleep on.

The next day the birds woke up really early and they made breakfast for Fido. When Fido woke up he was really happy and he thank the birds by letting them eat whatever they want to eat. The birds ate what the fox ate and they were really happy about Fido letting them stay at his house.

This one bright morning, as Fido was getting older he was getting big. Fido was gone, he was hunting for food so that he could eat. When he saw an owl, the owl flew away and the fox said that he wanted to be friends with the owl, but he flew away. When Fido went to his den he told the birds and one of the birds went to go ask Mr. Owl. Mr. Owl said that the fox was dangerous and the bird said that he is not and told the owl that they were living with the fox.

The next morning when the fox woke up the birds were really afraid because the fox looked so mean that next morning because the birds were too messy at his house and they don't clean it up. When Fido did his howl the birds got scared. They flew away and when they returned the fox told them that if they ever fly away the fox will eat all of them. So the birds were really terrified and the next morning they went to go look for something to eat and when they saw Fido they flew off and never returned to the den.

That was the story and that is how it goes. The fox was mean because the birds were too messy, and they never clean up after they make a big mess. The fox was mean in the morning because the birds had invited a lot of birds to go eat and that is how the story of WHY THE BIRDS FLY AWAY FROM THE FOX goes.

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