Maqiq Time


Maqiq Time

(Steambath Time)


Levi Hoover


Small 5' x 14'

Divided into two.

Barrel stove covered with rocks

Wood from the Tundra

Packed into the stove.

Fire crackles to life

Chimney glowing red,

Bucket of Water



Barrel is red, rocks are hot,

temperature rising

It's almost time

Friends five or six

come to join

teasing, laughing,

having a good time.


Hanging clothes on the porch

cold water to drink

gum or wood to chew

helps you breathe.


It's Maqiq (steambath) time,

into the steamhouse

wet the hair, towel turban to wear.

Captain is ready to pour,

water splashed on the rocks

hot steam embraces you

body becomes moist.


One, Two, Three,

cups of water splashed.

Hotter, Hotter, Hotter still

Akek'a (Ouch) Akaa (Ow)!...Haaahaaahaaa

Rolling, teasing, laughing

Cali (more) ! Someone says,

another cup is poured.

Open the door! Let us out!


Cooling off

recuperating for another round

Stories, legends, gossip

time for sharing.

waiting for the second round.


Second and Third

feel cleaned and refreshed

wash basin, soap, and shampoo

back to the porch

cooling and drying off

putting clothes on.


The evening is over

It's time to go

Quyana (Thank-you), Piuraa (good night).

Outside the cold night air

feeling so great!

Home to bed,

sleeping like a log,

ready for another day.

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