Native Foods
Subsistance Food and Ways
Author:  Nicolette Nicolai
Just think of all the foods that people used to eat about sixty years ago. Almost the same as the food that we eat now in our little town of Kalskag, except, it was more subsistent. I know that you
Akutaq – Eskimo Ice Cream
Author:  Frankie Jordan
        Akutaq is a Yupik word that means mix them together, but white man called it Eskimo Ice Cream.  The way we pronounce akutaq is a-goo-duk. Akutaq is made in many different ways. This recipe
Author: Stephanie K. Hoffman
Akutaq is Eskimo Ice Cream, made with the ingredients that my mom taught me to use and in the way her mom taught her. First you have to chop your fish into three sections, throw away the head, tail,
Entries are about different topics of Kalskag history.  These writings are expository.  Expository writing explains by defining, examples, and facts.   These writings show the way we live and survive in Kalskag.