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Subsistence Curriculum Materials

General Alaskan Athabascan Region

Classrooom Ready
Draft Stage
Support Materials

Preschool TCC Headstart


2 wks. (Fbx. ANE)

2 wks. K-6 Moose (IASD)

1 2 wks. K-3 Beaver (IASD)

2 2-3 wks. 2-3 Bird (IASD)


2-3 Land Otter (IASD)


6-9 wks. (Anc. ANE)

1 1/2 wk. (Jun. ISP)

4-5 Eels (IASD)


2-3 wks. 5-6 Rabbit Snare (IASD)

2 wks. 5-6 Blackfish (IASD)


2-wks. 4-6 Spruce Roots (IASD)

2-wks. 6-8 Berries (IASD)

Village Science

7 & 8 Village Science

7-12 Med. Plants (IASD)

7-12 Trapping (IASD) YK Trapers Handbk.

7-12 Smoke House (IASD)

9 - 12 Village Science

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Note: IASD has other units in draft stage which could be completed.

TCC is Tanana Chiefs Conference

Fbx. ANE is Fairbanks North Star Borough School Distric, Alaska Native Education

IASD is the Iditarod Area School District

Jun.ISP is the City and Borough of Juneau Indian Studies Program


Library Resources For Developing Subsistence Curriculum

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Ingalik Social Culture. New Haven: Yale University Press 1958
Ingalik Mental Culture. New Haven: Yale University Press 1959

Garibaldi, Ann. Medicinal flora of the Alaska Natives : a compilation of knowledge from literary sources of Aleut, Alutiiq, Athabascan, Eyak, Haida, Inupiat, Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Yupik traditional healing methods using plants Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Natural Heritage Program 1999.


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1. Encourage Iñupiaq subsistence curriculum development. There is a large void here. This might include contracting with someone to prepare materials from the Simon Paniak Museum for publication, as well as encouraging Elmer Jackson to further develop his draft, and NWASD to make their materials classroom ready.

2. Work with Jerry Lipka and Ciulistet to encourage publication of their materials. These materials form the backbone (or could) of subsistence materials from the Yup'ik area.

3. Encourage Aleut and Alutiiq subsistence curriculum development. There is a huge void here. I am not sure what to suggest. I have worked with Cugachmiut on subsistence curriculum, but their focus is on language materials at present. Perhaps the Alutiiq Museum and KANA might be the best bets. There is a fur seal curriculum planned for the Pribilofs, but it is only in the planning stages.

4. Encourage the publication of the TCC Headstart materials. Sara Kienzli the Director, is looking for a commercial publisher, but it would be a good idea to make contact with her again in the spring, as she is extremely busy, and may only follow up to a limited extent. If she is unable to find a commercial publisher, I would recommend that ANKN co-publish or something. She also has information of traditional child rearing practices and beliefs for the Koyukon and Gwich'in areas.

5. Fund more updating and publishing of Iditarod School District materials. It would be nice to see another 6 developed, and then all 13 published together as a book.

6. Encourage development of the Salmon Curriculum Matrix, as a way of integrating SE Alaska materials in a larger framework.

7. Stay abreast of the 7th Grade curriculum David Thunder Eagle and Pat Partnow are creating at CITC.



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