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Student Self-evaluation


1. Did you enjoy the project? yes ____no Why, or why not?


2. Did you learn any new skills from 'Pitengnaqsaraq' ?

(For example, mapreading, how to interview, how to spell new words). yes ____no

What skills did you learn?



3. Did you learn any new and interesting ideas from Pitengnaqsaraq?

(for example, what resources people depend on in other areas, how peoples' activities during each season vary from place to place)

yes ____no What ideas did you learn?



4. By doing this project, did you get better at:

1. understanding Yup'ik yes ____no

2. speaking Yup'ik yes ____no

3. reading Yup'ik yes ____no

4. writing Yup'ik yes ____no

Give an example of each one you checked (for example: I learned how to syllabicate words).



5. What skills do you think you need to improve?

(for examples: speaking, reading, writing Yup'ik, interviewing, other).




6. What do you think would make this project better?

a. We should spend less time on __________________________________

b. We should spend more time on __________________________________

c. I need more individual help from the teacher ____yes ____no

What kind of help do you need?


7. Other comments on this project:


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