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Lesson Plans

Lesson Four




Introduce students to the concept of a resource base. Help them understand that all cultures rely on their resources, and that resource bases 1) change through time, and 2) may be more or less dependent on each other.

HOW TO TEACH: Preparation

1. Discuss the traditional Yup'ik resource base, as shown in the game, pointing out that it was a system (see DAY-BY-DAY: Discussion: What is a Resource Base?)

2. Using examples, demonstrate that parts of a system change over time, and that a change in one aspect of the subsistence system will affect other aspects. (see Teacher's Guide).

Class Activity

1. Ask students to define a resource base: What is it? Do all cultures Class depend on a resource base? Write your definition on the board.

2. Ask students to list the differences between a basically subsistence economy and an ecomomy that depends mostly on resources imported from elsewhere. Explain how Yup'ik village life is similar to village life in other parts of the world, and different from city life.

Bringing it

all together

Have students think about why it is important to understand their resource base.


Help students discover ideas for themselves. Try not to spend too much time lecturing them.




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