Month at a Glance


(up to five players may play, so divide class into groups, if necessary.)

DAY 2 Continue to play game.

DAY 3 Continue to play game.

DAY 4 Teacher leads discussion-

a. What is a resource base?
b. Why is it important to know?

DAY 5 Orthography Lesson.

DAY 6 Begin work on poster: HOW WE USE OUR RESOURCES.

DAY 7 Complete work on poster.

DAY 8 Begin work on poster - HOW WE GET OUR RESOURCES.

DAY 9 Complete work on poster.

Based on posters, choose two important resources for further research.

DAY 10 Orthography Lesson: review vocabulary used on posters.

DAY 11

a. Prepare class to begin mapping activity
b. Discuss: how to conduct an interview and what people will be interviewed about.

TEACHER: arrange permission and set up times for interviews to be conducted in the next few days.

DAY 12 Show class sample interview questionnaires and site area maps. Make up interview forms to be used for each of the two resources to be considered.

DAY 13 Practice interviews in class.

DAY 14 Begin interviews in village.

DAY 15 Orthography Lesson: review place names mentioned in interviews.

DAY 16 Continue interviews in village.

DAY 17 Finish up village interviews.

DAY 18 Combine information from interviews; mark map in class to show village-wide resource use for the two resources.

DAY 19 Complete map showing village-wide resource use.

DAY 20 Orthography Lesson

DAY 21 Make display of map and posters; discuss what has been learned in project.


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