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Saami of Scandinavia

ČálliidLágádus (Authors’Publisher)
"- to bring enlightenment and knowledge about the Sami and Sami conditions to the Sami community, and to interested parties outside of Sami areas. The transmission of enlightenment and knowledge about other aboriginal peoples will be a natural part of the foundation’s goal."

Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
: "Welcome to the web site for Resource Centre for Rights of Indigenous Peoples. On this site you will find information about the centre and its activities. You will also find reports on Sami rights and on channels for Sami political influence made by the centre."

RÁDJU -The Sami Research and Project Database
"RADJU includes data on over 200 research projects concerning
Sami-related topics in areas such as culture, education, environment,
land management, politics, and reindeer husbandry. The projects are
carried out by different institutions and researchers in Finland and in
other countries. The database is primarily for researchers and students."

Sami Siida of North America
Excerpt: "The Sami Siida of North America is a confederation of regional organizations with members who share the heritage of the Sami culture of Northern Scandinavia and Finland. Participants are immigrants and the descendents of immigrants from that region of Europe traditionally known as Lapland (today called Samiland or Sápmi,)and all share an active interest in their heritage."

An Introduction to the Sami People
Excerpt: "A presentation to share information and knowledge so that others may come to understand us. An overview of the native Sami art, culture, current issues, history plus a few pages of recent events presented from an indigenous perspective. We hope that this taken together with the links on a separate page will give an overall picture of the Sami people and what the contemporary life is like."

The Sámi People - Traditions in Transition
By Veli-Pekka Lehtola
Sámi culture has undergone powerful changes recently. Traditions have been integrated with contemporary influences and perspectives. New kinds of Sámi participation and activism have evolved including innovative politics, informative media, expressive art and literature.

Báiki: The North American Sámi Journal
Báiki has several exhibits and are preparing a major exhibit for the Fourth World Congress of Reindeer Herders in Kautokeino, Norway, spring, 2009. The Saami Báiki Office is now located in Fairbanks, Alaska. This link provides exhibition information and subscription contacts to their journal.

Olof T Johansson homepage
Olof is a Sámi from Sweden. There are some interesting articles about the Sámi culture, including a report entitled, "Land is Life: Traditional Sámi Reindeer Grazing Threatened in Northern Sweden" (in pdf-format)

Sápmi - Small Nations of the North
Excerpt: The history of the Sami people has been one of colonisation, missionising, prohibitions, sanctions and forced assimilation. However, our history has also been characterised by increased awareness of our cultural identity, increased self-respect, the fight for recognition and for our rights, and also the struggle to be allowed to take responsibility for the development of the Sami community. If the Sami culture is to survive we must guard its values and protect its resources.

Sámi University College
Excerpt: "Sámi University College offers education for teachers, journalists, studies in Sámi language and literature, Sámi Traditional and Applied Arts (handicraft-duodji), and other studies. All of our education has a Sámi or indigenous perspective, and we have strong connections to other indigenous institutions, especially in the Northern region. "


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