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Maori of New Zealand

Te Kawa a Māui Atlas
Staff and students at Te Kawa a Māui, Victoria University of Wellington, are building a digital map-based database of student work.

Maori Makes a Difference
by Ray Barnhardt
Excerpt: "This paper was born out of six months of observation, reading, participation, and discussion as a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Maori Studies and Research, University of Waikato, while on sabbatical leave from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, during the 1984-85 academic year. The analysis presented in the paper, though focused on the Maori in New Zealand, is also influenced to a certain extent by my experience with similar issues in the context of Alaska Native development. "

Transforming Institutions: Reclaiming Education and Schooling for Indigenous Peoples
Keynote Address to the Alaskan Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention by Graham Hingangaroa Smith

Māori Television
"We have our very own indigenous TV channel and it is excellent. The Maori Television Service is very professional and covers everything to do with things Maori. It was created by an act of parliament, it broadcasts in both Maori and English and has been on air for seven years now." added May 2011

Te Kete Ipurangi – The Online Learning Centre
Excerpt: "Kia ora, welcome to Te Kete Ipurangi – The Online Learning Centre. TKI is a bilingual portal-plus web community which provides quality assured educational material for teachers, school managers, and the wider education community. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education."
" We try and cover all aspects of our culture, through either our own pages, or through our huge links section that links to many Maori sites."

Explore - Indigenous Peoples: Australian Aboriginal and Maori Schools - UNCyberschoolbus
This is a great resource for educators by the United Nations with curriculum ideas and related links pertaining to Maori education.

The Māori Education Trust
Excerpt: "The Māori Education Trust (Te Kaupapa Mātauranga Māori Mo Te Iwi Māori ) was formed under the Māori Education Foundation Act 1961. Its basic objective was to encourage Māori into tertiary education."

Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Peoples Rights and Obligations
by Maui Solomon
"The paper will examine from a Maori perspective their notions of indigenous peoples rights and obligations and how they are fundamentally at odds with existing intellectual property right systems. The paper will also explore how some of the Maori claimants consider their rights should be acknowledged, respected and protected and the inevitable obstacles that must be confronted and overcome before this can happen."


Go to University of AlaskaThe University of Alaska Fairbanks is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution and is a part of the University of Alaska system.


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