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Inuit of Greenland and Canada

Listening to Our Past
Excerpt: "The Association des francophones du Nunavut is pleased to launch the new Listening to our Past web site, which should be very useful to Inuit students and to all those who are interested in the Inuit culture. The site is available in French, in English and in Inuktitut. "

Northern Links
"Northern Links provides and improves peer networking, support and communication for all community leaders looking to create more culturally relevant and engaging programming."

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Database
Excerpt: "The Inuvialuit Settlement Region Database contains descriptions of more than 8900 publications and research projects about the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in Canada's Northwest Territories and Yukon."

Inuit Heritage Trust
Excerpt: "We are a land claims organization that deals with the cultural resources of Nunavut, focusing on archaeology, ethnology and archives."

Interviewing Inuit Elders is a series from the Nunavut Arctic College. The volumes are downloadable at:
Here's an excerpt introduction of the website:
"The preservation of traditional knowledge and the oral tradition is important both to Inuit identity and morality in the political context of the development of Nunavut. It is important to Inuit that the traditional knowledge passed on by the elders is not lost and that it is incorporated into new structures to be set up by the Nunavut government.

"In the past, most materials written about Inuit were done by non-Inuit and many misrepresentations occurred. Most of these materials were only available in English. The materials in the Interviewing Inuit Elders series were created from an Inuit perspective that is sensitive to Inuit culture and values."

Native Access to Engineering
Excerpt: "We envisage a world where the representation of Aboriginal People among doctors, engineers, carpenters, entrepreneurs, biotechnologists, scientists, computer specialists, artists, professors, archaeologists and individuals in other careers is comparable to that of any other segment of the population."

Education in Greenland

Inerisaavik: A New Institution

"Kalaallit Nunaata Radio (Radio Greenland) is an independent public body administered by the Greenlandic Government. It is headed by a 7-man board, with its day-to-day running in the hands of a management committee. KNR - Radio and TV - broadcasts both radio and television programmes every day, which can be received throughout Greenland." Website in Danish, English, and Inuit.

Siksik is a NWT educational site, rich with resources including Inuuqatigiit, a curriculum framework.


Go to University of AlaskaThe University of Alaska Fairbanks is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution and is a part of the University of Alaska system.


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