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Native Hawaiians

Hawai‘i Guidelines for Culturally Healthy and Responsive Learning Environments (CHARLE)
"A pdf. version of the Hawaiian cultural guidelines called the Na¯ Honua Mauli Ola--Hawai‘i Guidelines for Culturally Healthy and Responsive Learning Environments (NHMO) are now available for downloading. These guidelines have been developed by the Native Hawaiian Education Council (NHEC) in partnership with Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke‘eliko¯lani College of Hawaiian Language. The document includes a set of sixteen guidelines that contain strategies and recommendations for improving the quality of educational outcomes for learners, educators, families, communities and schools/institutions."

Native Hawaiian Education Association
"The Native Hawaiian Education Association (NHEA) is a private non-profit organization of Native Hawaiian educators. The organization was started in 1998 with its first Convention on the island of Maui. Adapted after the National Indian Education Association (NIEA), NHEA facilitates a network of Hawaiian educators to attend to the various educational issues which challenge the Hawaiian population and is designed to be a self-sustaining umbrella organization for Hawaiian education and Hawaiian educators."

Native Hawaiian Education Council
To enable Native Hawaiians to reach the Native Hawaiian Education and National Education Goals, the Native Hawaiian Education Council shall:
• Coordinate resources;
• Assess educational needs, practices and models;
• Provide recommendations for the improvement of education for Native Hawaiians; and
• Achieve and demonstrate organizational excellence.

Hawai'i Networked Learning Communities
Excerpt: "In Hawai`i and nationally, skills in math, science and technology are vital to the future success of our students. At the same time, the need to protect our environment is reaching critical levels. HNLC merges these needs in an innovative leadership development program and online support network designed to help Hawaii's teachers and students prepare for the future while preserving the cultural and ecological lessons of the past."

PDF format
Hawaiian Medium Teacher Education Program

Ke Kula Kaiapuni
This is a school in Hawaii with some rich cultural educational.

Kanu o ka 'Aina Public Charter School
Excerpt: "KANU is designed to provide a culturally-driven, academically rigorous choice in publiceducation to children from K-12 and involves families and communities at a very high level."

Hawaiian Studies
This page provides an introduction and list of sources for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii

Excerpt: "Our Mission: Alu Like's mission is to assist Hawaiian natives who are committed to achieving their potential in caring for themselves, their families and communities."

Pacific Islands

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)
PREL is a non-profit organization that manages curriculum production and educational services specifically for the "U.S.-Pacific" (most of Micronesia and American Samoa), but also serving the rest of the world. PREL's materials are increasingly indigenous-based, looking for ways to better serve their constituents through culturally appropriate and relevant materials. They have extensive publications and documents available online or by order.

Pacific Worlds:
Web-based indigenous-geography education tools for Hawai'i and Micronesia, with online content and free curriculum.

Pacific Association for Teacher Educators (PATE)

Institute of Education, University of the South Pacific
Under Dr. 'Ana Taufe'ulungaki and Dr. Konai Helu Thaman, USP has played a leading role in developing indigenous-based educational materials and initiatives for Pacific Islands.

Pasifika Education - New Zealand Ministry of Education
This office designs educational materials and provides services to the large and growing Pacific Islander population in New Zealand, particularly those from the six island groups that constitute the "New Zealand Pacific."

The Center for Pacific Islands Studies, in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa
The Center has been dedicated to education for Pacific Islanders, hosting teacher workshops and developing materials. Website includes links to educational resources, including (primarily) tertiary-level syllabi for teaching on Pacific Islands.


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