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American Indian

The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
"The 'House of Welcome' Longhouse Education and Cultural Center (Longhouse) opened in 1995 at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. As a public service center of The Evergreen State College, the Longhouse's mission is to promote indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression, and economic development."

Intertribal Deaf Council
"The Intertribal Deaf Council (IDC) is a non-profit organization of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Indians whose goals are similar to many Native American organizations. IDC promotes the interests of its members of fostering and enhancing their cultural, historical and linguistic tribal traditions."

Ndakinna Cultural Center
"Ndakinna Cultural Center is a group of Native Americans and our non-native friends that have come together to teach people about the Native American way of life through, classes, demonstrations and workshops. Our goal is to maintain our culture by passing on our Native American traditions to the youth in our community so that the knowledge is restored for the future."

Wisdom of the Elders
Excerpt: "Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. records and preserves traditional cultural values, oral history, prophesy and other messages of guidance from indigenous elders in order to regenerate the greatness of culture among today’s and future generations of native peoples. As First Peoples, we are humbled by the wisdom of our elders and the deep connection they share with Great Spirit, the world of nature and family. We regard our elders as rapidly vanishing, irreplaceable keepers of oral history, tradition and environment. Values they extol represent an ancient legacy of knowledge which has become as endangered as many disappearing species in our fragile ecosystem." (added April 2005)

The American Indian Heritage Foundation
Excerpt: "The American Indian Heritage Foundation was establised to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide and to build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people."

Teaching Indigenous Languages
Excerpt: Announcing publication of "Revitalizing Indigenous Languages," a selection of papers presented at the Fifth Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium "Strategies for Language Renewal and Revitalization" held in Louisville, Kentucky, in May 1998.

Original Voices
Excerpt: "Within each section of the exhibit are classroom activities to promote the learning experiences of fourth and eighth grade students as they process the exhibit. OV asserts that cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking are better developed through structured classroom interactions with other students as well as personal reflection."

This Week in American Indian History
This web site lists events which happened to or affected Native Americans when such events could be traced to an exact date.

An excellent site of Indigenous people all over the world. This site has been around for a while and has very useful information.


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