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Southeast RavenTlingit Tribes, Clans and Clan Houses

"…a name once given (to a clan house) survive(s) the mere structure." George Emmons, 1916




Traditional Tlingit Country
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[An updated pdf version of the Tlingit Map (as of July 2003) is available here]

Galyáx Kwáan:
Controller Bay area
Salmon Stream Tribe

Xunaa Kwáan a.k.a. Káawu: Hoonah
Tribe or People from the Direction of the Northwind

S'awdaan Kwáan: Sumdum
Dungeness Crab Town Tribe
Takjik´aan Kwáan: Prince of Wales
Coast Town Tribe
Laaxaayík Kwáan: Yakutat area
Near The Ice People
T'aaku Kwáan: Taku
Geese Flood Upriver Tribe
Xutsnoowú Kwáan: Angoon
Brown Bear Fort, a.k.a.:
Xudzidaa Kwáan - Burnt Wood Tribe
Hinyaa Kwáan: Klawock
Tribe From Across The Water
Gunaaxoo Kwáan: Dry Bay
Among The Athabascans Tribe
Deisleen Kwáan: Teslin
Big Sinew Tribe
Sheey At'iká (a.k.a. Sheet'ká) Kwáan: Sitka
Outside Edge of a Branch Tribe
Shtax'héen Kwáan: Wrangell
Bitter Water Tribe
Jilkaat Kwáan: Klukwan
Chilkat Tribe
Áa Tlein Kwáan: Atlin
Big Lake Tribe
Keex' Kwáan: Kake
The Opening of the Day (Dawn) Tribe
a.k.a. The Town That Never Sleeps
Taant´a Kwáan: Ketchikan
Sea Lion Tribe
Jilkoot Kwáan: Haines
Chilkoot Tribe
Aak'w Kwáan: Auke Bay
Small Lake Tribe
Kooyu Kwáan: Kuiu Island
Stomach Tribe
Sanyaa Kwáan: Cape Fox
Secure In Retreat, Like A Fox In Its Den/Southeast Tribe


This list of Tlingit tribes, clans and clan houses was compiled and reconstructed by Andrew Hope, III. The list is by no means final. It is a work in progress. The following sources were used to develop the list:

  1. Unpublished "genealogical papers," by Louis Shotridge (N.D.)
  2. The unpublished manuscript: "History of Tlingit Tribes and Clans, by George Emmons (N.D.)
  3. The unpublished list of "Tlingit Tribe, Clan, and House Group Names," by Jeff Leer (1985)
  4. Social Structure and Social Life of the Tlingit Alaskan, by Ronald Olson (1976)
  5. Social Conditions, Beliefs, and Linguistic Relationship of the Tlingit Indians, by John Swanton (1970)
  6. An unpublished list of Angoon clan houses by Lydia George (1967)
  7. My Old People Say, by Catherine McClellan (1975)
  8. Conversations Andrew Hope had with the following individuals, some who have since passed into the spirit world: Harry Bremner Sr., George Davis, Henry Davis, Sr., Nora Dauenhauer, Forrest DeWitt, Sr., Albert Frank, Sr., Matthew Fred, Sr., Jimmie George, Sr., Lydia George, Paul Jackson, Mark Jacobs, George James, George Jim, Sr., George John, Sr., Andrew P. Johnson, William Nelson, Sr., Charlie Olson, William Paul, Sr., Tom Ukas, Jimmy Williams, Sr., Robert Zuboff
  9. Kake names were compiled by: Ruth Demmert, Mike Jackson, Dawn Skee' Jackson and Topsy Johnson.
  10. The list was revised in July 1997 in Sitka by Tlingit Language Workshop participants, including: Bessie Cooley, Lonnie Hotch, Jennie Lindoff, Roby Littlefield, Nellie Lord, Ethel Makinen, Al McKinley, Emma Sam, Esther Shea, Margaret Stevens, Carol Williams.


The Traditional Tlingit Map & Tribal List Project

Administrative support: Sealaska Heritage Foundation, the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Alaska Native Brotherhood Camp 2, Alaska Federation of Natives and the University of Alaska Southeast. Grant funding: the National Science Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, Alaska Native Programs/University of Alaska Fairbanks and Klukwan Heritage Foundation.


Research by Andrew Hope III
Produced by Peter Metcalfe 
Graphic Design by Sue Kraft
Artwork by Mike A. Jackson
Proofreading by Richard & Nora Dauenhauer and Jeff Leer
Third Edition Revised © 2000 Tlingit Readers, Inc.


Revised Traditional Tlingit Country map now available!

The Traditional Tlingit Map & Tribal List is a project of the Sealaska Heritage Foundation, the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, and the Alaska Federation of Natives with grant funding provided by the National Science Foundation. For information on obtaining a copy of the map, contact:

Andy Hope, Southeast Regional Coordinator
Box 21681
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 586-1690



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