The Earthquake Of 1964

                           As told by Sergius Moonin to Diane Young

“I went after wood on March 27, 1964. It was snowing a little and L had cut down a tree and cut it into blocks. When I was taking the bark off the last block I heard a rumbling sound and it wasn’t the wind. After a few seconds passed I looked at the trees and the tops were swaying way down making swishing sounds .I thought of an earthquake then.

“I was on the edge of a crevice which was four feet deep. When it stopped, I got away from the edge.

“I started down, dragging those blocks of wood behind me. When I got down farther I herd My daughter yelling and I saw her running toward me. She asked me, ‘Didn’t you know there was an earthquake?’

“I told her knew it was an earthquake. When I got home they told me it was no good inside the house.

“My wife must have made bread dough before the earthquake. “About 6:00 PM they started talking about going up high to the woods, saying that a tidal wave was coming into Port Graham. Gee, now what?

“We told our four kids to go with the people that were going up to the woods. Some of them took only a slab of bacon. My wife and I stayed home and baked Bread.

“When it was 9:00 PM we went over by Mickey Moonin’s house Water was coming in the bay like it was flowing and making sh-shshing sounds. It made the tide vary low. We’d go back and watch it some more.

“We finally had our dinner about midnight.

“About 3:00 AM we decided nothing was going to happen. I went up to the woods to bring our kids back. When I got up there, gee, there were fires built here and there. Radios were blaring. I took my kids home with me and some other people were coming home too. Later all of the people came down from the woods and went home. Nothing more happened.

“Again in July we had another earthquake. This time I was in our house. It really rolled and I felt it.

“Shortly after that I walked to English Bay. There had been some slides on the hills and trees had fallen from the earthquake. It was the first time since I was borne that I felt a strong earthquake.

“I was born May 30, 1905. I was the first one in our family to be born.





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