Village Health Aid

As told by Augusta Kvasnikoff to Alma Tanape



I have been a health aide for 11 years (since 1969). Iíve taken a lot of training. I had my training in Anchorage and in the village as visiting Doctors. My first two weeks of training were for First Aid Training Phase I.

We order our medicine from the pharmacy at A.N.S. in Anchorage. The most common diseases we treat are sore throats, ear infections, and minor accidents.

I havenít ever had many emergencies except for fractures, two patients with gunshot wounds, one cardiac arrest, and several slight heart attacks. Also, one patient with stomach ulcers that was low in hemoglobin.

I have been training to do suturing, (stitching a wound), giving shots, immunizations, and I.V.S.


Alice and Augusta working hard

Standing if front of the clinic

Alice working in the clinic

Alice examining someone's foot

Alice examining Donna Malchoff, Mary Malchoff looks on

Augusta working at the desk in the clinic



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