Port Graham School Cook

As told by Marlene Norman to Luba Anahonak


I have been school cook for two years. I began working August 31, 1978. My hours are from 9:00 to 3:00. The kinds of meals I cook are of nutritional value for the students. Each lunch consists of a meat or meat alternate, vegetable and fruit, bread, butter, or fortified margarine and a half pint of milk. The kinds of food I cook are corn dogs, hot dogs, fish sticks, pizza, fries burritos, hamburgers, and chicken. With 10 pound rolls of hamburger I make such things as spaghetti, hamburger, potato casserole, meat loaf, hamburger and gravy, beefaroni, goulash. With canned chicken and beef, I make creamed chicken, chicken noodle soup, salads and barbequed beef also.

I make my own bread once or twice a week, making 6 to 8 loaves and they last a week. I also fix biscuits, rolls and cookies every other day.

The food the school receives come from the Kenai Borough. Every month or so I get a delivery which is driven by a truck to Homer and is then flown by Homer Air Service to Port Graham, Cook Inlet also brings it in.

Inventory is taken the last of every month, and from there they are able to know what foods I am low on. If not I send a list of food I need into Kenai the shipment.

I did not have any kind of training when I got the job, except for times I did cooking at home. The cook who was before me showed me what to be done and I just watched her cook lunch one day and the following day I cooked lunch for the students on my own.

What do I do besides cook? Well during the summer after school is over, I work for Whitney Fidalgo sea foods, a salmon processing cannery. Work usually begins in July and ends at the end of August. Just school begins again.




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