Fishing For Many Years

As told Wayne Norman to Ephim Anahonak Jr


            Ephim Anahonak Jr. has interviewed Wayne Norman on fishing. Wayne was fishing for many years.


          I have been fishing since I was eight years old, and a started fishing my own boat In 1973, and been fishing ever since.

I like fishing; it is lots of fun and you get to get away from home and sees other parts of the area.


          Usually fishing starts around the end of June and in the middle of July and fishing starts around the end fish until the madly of or there about.


I think the Kings start in May, then the reds start in June and July Humpies and dogs start in August and run until September.


The type of fishing is set netting off the beach. Drifting up the Inlet. Halibut fishing on a long line and spool and also seining.





Quliyangualraa I Qallusulrruni, ggwii aulernilrraanga inglulegnequksurngama ggwii aularniilraanga iqallugsurlua kayamkun 1973-mi taumi awa cilla tamaaken uqallugsurlartua.

            Ggwii pingakllaga iqallugsuneq, nunanir-lartuq taumi neguwarluten nungpenek taumi allat tangerlluki.

Igallugsurluteng auiaranirlartut June-mi taumi July-mi taumi iqallugsurlartut August-men.

Lluq’akat aularnirlartut May-mi, taumi nikllit tailartut June-mi, taumi amartut July-mi , alimat Agust-mi cali qakita nangluteng September-mi.

Iqallugsuuciq siitkarluten, unani imakcagim, sagit pisurlartut uqsagmek.

Photo By: Randy Norman

Ephim Anahonak

Story and layout By: Ephim Anahonak Jr.









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