Evil Spirits and Good Spirits

As told by Vera Moonin to Connie Hedrick



There’s evil spirits, and good spirits. My mother and grandmother used to tell me about the evil spirits, about what to do when you meet up with an evil spirit. Never walk on the right side, or else they’ll take your spirit along with them. There’s this one story about this guy I know.  He never used to believe in spirits at all.


Spirits Under The Bridge


One time he got mad at his wife and said he was going to shoot her.  He went home to get his gun and started heading back towards the place where his wife was, then he walked across the bridge.  He used to live where Jr’s house is.  He got to the old bridge and all of a sudden he heard something. Somebody grabbed him on his leg through the crack of the bridge. The bridge had great big gapes in between. You had to be careful when you walked across it. Two pairs of hands grabbed him from the bottom of the bridge and pulled him down. He looked down. There were two old ladies trying to pull him under the bridge. To this day they never know if that was an evil spirit or not! They held him there practically all night, just hung on to him tugging at him. Finally when day break came and day light started coming out and he was plum sober by then. He was so scared.


    An Evil One That Encountered  My Grandma


          There‘s an evil one that encountered my grandma when my uncle was just a baby. She was laying there in bed and everybody was sleeping in the house. Sometimes had just came into the crack, and Grandma just looked at it, and it was black with horns and a tail. She couldn’t talk or do anything. She tried to wake grandpa up. She tried to wake Grandpa by pulling his hair, and she practically made him fall off the bed! She tried to holler – she couldn’t holler! Finally the evil spirit started pulling her.  Her legs got stuck on the bed post right in between her, and it kept pulling on her. She was holding onto the bed post with her legs, ‘because she was already stuck in between them. Finally it got mad at her and cussed at her and pulled harder. The evil spirit couldn’t pull her. He finally reached up and scratched her on her breasts. She always had that scar on her left breast, but she died before she showed me. My mom told me that it was there. Then the evil spirit just shrunk into a mouse and crawled back into the crack. The Grandpa woke up like somebody snapped a finger in his ears. He woke up, and she was too frightened to say anything. Finally Grandpa realized what had happened. He saw her bleeding on the breast and she couldn’t talk. He got some holy water, and made her drink it, and crossed her eyes and ears and crossed her whole body and said a special payer. Soon as Grandpa was finished Grandma finally told him what had happened. Grandpa realized what had happened, he went outside to go see, there was mouse tracks that came out of the crack and turned into rabbit tracks.


Vera with her baby Arthur

Vera Moonin standing by her house




After Thought


So an evil spirit can lie to you in many ways. Many ways that you think about it. Like I was telling the girls last night. That they asked me what a devil looked like. They always say a devil looks like what you imagine it to be. Like you think of somebody you really care for and yet your mind is thinking of evil things. That devil will come to you in that form or otherwise if you think the devil is black with horns and a tail and it will come to you in that form. Just to make your beliefs come true. 


Copyright 1981,  Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.  All rights reserved

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